"We are hearing all of our family and friends saying, "Your dance was the most fun we have ever had at a wedding because the music was great!""
-T.J. and Marsha Tweedy

"Jeff was very professional and he made everything run smoothly. Many people said they have never had so much fun at a wedding."
-Tony and Kristin Stokes

"The music was wonderful and you did a great job keeping the party fun!"
-Oscar and Jesse Kalipe

"He is by far the best D.J. we’ve ever seen. He keeps the crowd interested and is always moving around to get everyone involved."
-Jacob and Beth Bystol

"I thought you did a fabulous job. I have done several weddings and we thought that you stood out among other DJ's by far!"
-Bonnie Laabs (Photographer)

"People were saying it was actually the best wedding they had ever been too. Remember when I said it is only my parent’s friends that like to dance a lot? Well I guess when you are the DJ everyone loves to dance!!"
-Brian and Jessica Kazmierkoski

"Casey and I felt totally at ease with you in control and we had a most wonderful time that night!"
-Casey and Heather Kretz

"I had such a great time and as always you provided fabulous entertainment."
-Kathy Dolphin (CEO of Dolphin Staffing)

"You did an awesome job, everyone had a great time!"
-Mark Vaughan (Eagan Arena Manager)


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